Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DC Trip

I praise God for my trip to DC. I love the city! I don’t care too much for the sites and tourist attractions but I just like the feel of the city. It’s definitely more Cali-like than Minnesota (It’s still snowing by the way). I had a blast even though Frances thought I was bored the whole time. I was able to rest and hang out with Elijah.

I am only in the airport and I miss him so much. I am getting water-eyed just writing this. We had such a good time together walking in the streets by ourselves, running around his new spider-man punching toy, and laying down together. I don’t think he understood the fact that I was not going to see him for a long time because when I said bye I had to wake him up myself. He was kind of out of it still but I could still hear him say “Lallu” very softly in my ear.

I love that little guy so much! I thank God that I have such an awesome family. I am so excited now to see Xander and Zack very soon. Thank you God!

(I’m full out crying in the airport writing this now)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Never feels like home

I hung out with my closest friends out here the other day and I realized (again) how different life is here. The friends that I have here are so great and so encouraging but its just not home. I don't know if it's because I live alone but as long as I have lived here I have never felt like this was home. Maybe it's because I think of home a lot and I miss my Family. I haven't even seen Zack Zack but I love him to death already. Anyway, I hate to be redundant but I miss you guys and you guys cannot be duplicated.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sleep to the Glory of God

How do you sleep to the glory of God? I always feel like sleep is wasting a day and that if you are sleeping you are being unproductive. I sleep horribly during the week. I found that takes a huge toll on your walk with the Lord. The devil is trying to attack your heart because that is what the Lord looks at. Your mind keeps you alert and on guard. It protects your heart. When you are sleepy and your mind is prone to wander then your heart becomes an easy target for the devil. So, having said all that, please pray that I would sleep well to the glory of God by refreshing my mind and body for the battle at hand. How do you sleep to the glory of God? Well.