Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wiffleball with John Piper

A couple weeks ago, the TBI guys hung out with Pastor John. The first part of the day we had a Q&A with him and he shared with us a few things that were on his heart. We shared our testimonies over a delicious lunch and then we played wiffleball. The first year TBI guys (Primal Truth) beat the second year/everyone else there (Textual Variants) for the second time after the first time at the retreat. They beat us 2/3 in frisbee at the retreat though. Here are a few pictures from our Day with Pastor John...

Pastor John spreading the passion

Tony Romo (Marshall), one of my closest friends out here

Ben, another close buddy wearing some high shorts!

Johnny, a close friend that should stick to skating.


Rick Melson, our Theology of Worship prof. and South Campus Pastor

Tom Steller, My favorite person here at Bethlehem (funniest prof)

See Pastor John's joy in all things through Jesus Christ!

"Intense in all things"

Dudi, a man whose mind is always set on things above.

There are many picture that I would like to show because these are all brothers I love and would love to take back to California with me in ministry. Hopefully, I can snag a few :)