Monday, December 31, 2007

Back Home?

I'm so confused about which place to call home. I was calling Minneapolis Home when I was in Cali but when I am here in MN, Cali is home. I figure none of them are home. Heaven is home and one day we will be home. We are citizens of heaven.

Well, I was very blessed by most of you. I was glad that I got to hang out with many of you while I was out there. Those of you who say they missed me and did not attempt to hang out with me are liars and the truth is not in you...j/k. I enjoyed my stay with you all and the talks that I had with many of you were very encouraging and fruitful. I wish I didn't have to come back here but the Lord has different plans for me right now. I feel refreshed though. I am not as homesick as I thought I'd be. The new count down for when I will see you starts. Please call me if you get a chance because I got a new phone and I don't know anyone's numbers.

I love my little nephews! They are so cute.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Can't wait to be with you all for Christmas! I wish I could be at the wedding but things fell through and I am not able to make it. I love you all and I will you freak faces soon. Elijah boy, I'm coming soon.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Snow Storm

It's crazy...

Snow is no joke over here. In CA, snow is exciting and fun to play in. In MN, snow is scary! It's still fun and beautiful to see all the rooftops covered in snow, snowflakes falling from the sky, and Christmas trees having real snow on the tips of the branches. I have no one here to throw snowballs at so i just throw it at my truck. I won both snowball fights against the truck. I didn't even get hit once. I did trip though and get snow all over my left side.

I wish all my family and friends could come over here and we can have a White Christmas over here. We can all be huddled close together in below zero degree weather drinking hot chocolate and singing songs of praise for sending us his Son. We could talk about all that God has done for us through the year and get excited for God is going to do for us in 2008. That would have been fun. Instead we'll do it over there minus the snow.