Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

I praise God for another year in my life. 26 years old is closer to the big 3-0 than 25. There are years that you don't feel older but I felt 26. I praise God for what he did for me in my 25th year in Christ. I love Jesus more than I did than when I was 24 going to 25. He is a fountain of blessing and pouring out an abundant stream of grace. Everyday there is new grace for me to partake in and I am indebted to Christ for that. How do you repay someone that you owe an eternal amount? You can't! To Christ, I raise my cup and ask for more grace and more blessing because he graciously reward those who seek him. For my 26th year, I will seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness that all of "these" things may be added to me. What are these these things? God knows... and he gives gifts that are good and perfect.

God has blessed me so far with friends out here. It was a good birthday! Here are some shots that I took of the God's blessing in my life:

Johnny and Angie, graciously made me a Pizookie!

listened to Thabiti on "racial" harmony


God is good! said...

Hey i know that guy Thabiti...hes a cool guy...glad you had a good birthday!

Eleazar & Heather said...

proud of you! you old fart... love you brother keep growing